Almond Butter

3 07 2009



I knew I had hit some sort of rock bottom when I was standing at the kitchen counter after work one day, checking my e-mail, and eating cashew butter straight from the jar. With a spoon. My laptop keyboard was covered in smudgy, nut-buttery spots, and I was actually hoping R. would be home from work soon to pry the jar from my hands, intervention-style. Because I knew I wasn’t going to quit on my own.  

Am I alone in this?  In frenzied gorge-fests of cashew butter, almond butter, or even humble peanut butter?  Sometimes I’m just… taken with the nut butter spirit. I would probably even speak in tongues, if my mouth weren’t welded shut with the stuff.

That ill-fated day with the cashew butter was an expensive one. Fancy nut butter is definitely a luxury item, seldom bought in the Sandwich Hoss household. Even almond butter can really cost a pretty penny. Well, while puttering around the grocery store one day, I found a pretty good deal on both cashews and almonds in bulk.  I filled up a couple of bags and while standing there repeating my favorite nut joke to myself (these are JUST NUTS!  Ha ha!  These are JUST nuts!  These are just NUTS! I say it every time I see a dish of nuts somewhere. Wow, note to self: thank husband for tolerating me.), I had an epiphany:  HOMEMADE NUT BUTTER. There couldn’t be too much to it, right? Because the grind-your-own station at our local Whole Paycheck Foods appears to be just a big grinder full of nuts. No dainty invisible nut butter fairies in there, sprinkling on secret ingredients–probably not, anyway.

So I got home and dumped a mixture of cashews and almonds into the food processor and gave it a whirl. First it turned to nut pieces. Then the nut pieces turned to nut dust. At this point I wondered if I was supposed to add some oil, so instead I added some salt. Because I am so logical.


Nut dust, or nust, as I like to call it.


I whirled it and whirled some more and then the dust became a sort of paste. I kept going, a woman possessed. Then the nut paste turned into a giant pasty nut ball. At this point, I worried I had just wasted all of my nut budget and thought about rolling the nut ball into some grated cheese, like a reverse cheese ball, to serve at the next pot luck.


Giant pasty nut ball

Giant pasty nut ball



I had nothing to lose, though, so I kept going.  After the giant pasty nut ball, maybe 10 seconds after the giant pasty nut ball, I had it. Nut butter. Almond-cashew nut butter. Wait, let me clarify:  omg to-die-for almond-cashew nut butter.


Almond (or any type of nut) butter


Nuts.  The pictures in this post are of almond butter, but use whatever you like, as many as you want. I’d use at least a cup, though, because nut butter is smaller than the sum of its parts (only literally speaking, of course). I haven’t actually measured, but I estimate the nut butter is about 1/3 smaller in volume than the nuts you start with.

Salt to taste

Dump nuts into food processor.  With the regular blade and on high speed, grind them until you have the consistency you want. It takes a few minutes, so be patient.  

Store in the refrigerator in a covered container.  I’m not sure exactly what the shelf life is because we’ve usually consumed ours in about a week.

Enjoy with homemade rhubarb-ginger jam for a real treat, or straight from the container if you’re like me.




6 responses

3 07 2009

Nust – I love that. : )
I like almond butter too, but haven’t tried my hand at cashew butter yet.

3 07 2009

OMG. This is awesome. I will definitely try it! Thanks for being brave so I don’t have to be…:)

4 07 2009
Rj H

This whole idea seems a little nuts to me. Okay, a lot nuts.

4 07 2009

Ms. Meanie, no problem! I don’t mind being brave for others. Though I do draw the line at things like base jumping and eating mayonnaise that’s been left out for hours. 🙂

RjH, that’s the spirit! Nuts!

5 07 2009

oneordinaryday–I’m thinking this could work with any kind of nut! Isn’t that JUST NUTS?! ha ha hahaaa! I’m thinking of trying it with seeds, too. Maybe sunflower seeds? Also, different nut combinations. I loved the almond-cashew combo.

6 07 2009


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