Tamales: The Ultimate Grandma Food

25 10 2009


Ach. It was One of Those Weeks. You know what I’m talking about. Twelve-hour days at work, insomnia, problems with the dog. By Wednesday, I felt as though I couldn’t go on. I wanted to hide under a table somewhere. I wanted to drink heavily. I really, really wanted sleep. But I had to soldier on. Must do my duty for the American Education System.

On Thursday morning, one of my students wandered into my classroom before the day got rolling and informed me that her grandmother would be making tamales, and that 12 of those suckers could be mine for the low, low price of $10. Yes! A reason to LIVE! She returned the next morning, juggling three giant shopping bags of tamales for me and the other teachers on my team. They were still hot. OMG.


The thought of those tamales got me through the day, got me through the couple hours I stayed late at work to get stuff done, and got me through my bike ride home. What a treat. They’re so cute, all tied up like little corn babies. And they’re somehow completely fluffy and completely moist all at once. And the meat, my god, the meat. Spicy and moist, it falls apart in your mouth. Wow. They are literally the best tamales I’ve ever eaten.

Isn’t grandma food the best?


Making tamales is nearly an all-day endeavor. I used this recipe once, and they turned out well (although sort of small and it didn’t make enough to make all the labor worth it.). I recommend buying them from someone’s grandma, instead.




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