Pizza Cake!

24 03 2010

Wow, it’s been a long long while.

Robert’s mainstays are pizza and what he lovingly calls cheese slammers. Cheese slammers are basically quesadillas. He also drinks a lot of soda, and sometimes punctuates his diet with enchiladas. In case you’re wondering if I’m worried about his heart health, why yes, I am.

But I’m also worried about making him a delicious cake for his birthday every year. Well, worried is an overstatement. I guess you could more accurately say I think about making him a delicious birthday cake every year. This year, I had my brainstorm back in, ohhh, December, I think. Wait, December was last year. It seemed like it was this year, though. Well, maybe it was January. I digress…

Anyway, since he loves pizza so much, it hit me one day: A CAKE THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A PIZZA. What a perfect birthday cake for a pizza lover, right?

This really wasn’t that hard to make at all. I did a lot of prep in advance, though, because I knew that the week of his birthday would be hectic. I had parent-teacher conferences every night, which meant my time in the evenings would be limited. So (don’t tell anyone this, please) I used boxed yellow cake mix. I know, I know. For shame, Christie. To my credit, I did make the icing from scratch. I made the cake layer in advance and then froze it. I made the icing the night before his birthday.  Oh, and I made the pepperoni slices while the cake was baking, and then stored in a baggie deep inside the cabinet, behind the really old container of hot chocolate so I could be sure he wouldn’t find them and ask me “Hey, what in the world are these round sticky things that look like pepperoni but probably aren’t?”

Well, it was a fun cake to make, and despite the fact that I think I used too much batter (it came out a lot like a deep-dish pizza), I think it was neato and from far away even looked like a pizza.

Pizza Cake

Cake layer

  • Yellow cake of your choice. I used about a box and a third of Pillsbury cake mix. I was worried that one box wouldn’t be enough, that the cake wouldn’t have the structural integrity it would need to be manipulated. But I was wrong. One box would have been fine.
  • 12″ round cake pan. I found one at a local craft store. If you’re feeding more people, you could use a larger pan. Or you could use tiny rounds for personal pizzas. Ha! Wouldn’t that be cute?

Pizza Sauce

  • Any white/vanilla icing of your choice. I made a cream cheese icing–really basic. A blob of cream cheese, a ton of powdered sugar, a small blob of butter, and a dash of vanilla and half and half. Easy.
  • Red food coloring gel. Again, I got this at a local craft store. You could try using normal red food coloring, but I think you would just have pink icing.


  • Raspberry fruit leather, cut into rounds for pepperoni. I used the mouth of an old jar to cut out the rounds
  • White chocolate, grated, for the cheese

I’ve read you can also smash white gum drops and cut them out to make onions, and use green gummy worms to look like green peppers. Cute!


Bake the cake according to the directions. Let cool completely. At this point, I froze mine, but you could just carry on and ice it. Use the red food coloring gel to dye the icing, and slather it on the cake, but leave room at the edges to look like the pizza crust. Now, grate the white chocolate on top. I only used 2 squares of baker’s chocolate, but apparently I was scared I would run out because I bought THREE BOXES of the stuff. Yeeesh.

Once the cake is iced and sprinkled w/ the grated chocolate, pop it under the broiler for about 20 or 30 seconds. Keep a close eye on it! This will melt the “cheese” a little, and also give the icing a sheen that makes it look a little more tomato-saucey. Cover with toppings of your choice.

I was thinking of trying to wrangle a pizza box out of one of the local pizza joints, because I thought it would make for good presentation. But the combination of those parent-teacher conferences, a bad cold, and a freak snow storm put the kibbosh on that idea.




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25 03 2010
Adam Costello

Hi, I’m a friend of Karen’s and I saw the link of your blog from her blog. I love the pizza cake idea. I thought of another way to make the “cheese” and it’s what I thought it was when I first saw the picture. You could use shredded coconut.

17 06 2010


13 07 2010
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[…] haven’t baked anything in ages. Ages, I tell you. Not since the pizza cake! So when I saw this recipe, I was like, “Well now that does seem like a nice way to break in […]

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