Peach Butter (or: I am the most awkward Jam Exchange partner ever)

12 09 2010

I managed not to have a heart attack about the jam exchange, thanks to peach butter.

After the Peach Jam Fiasco of Summer ’10, I was left with about 27 still-delicious and perfectly ripe peaches, but not a lot of time. With work really getting busy, and the rest of life getting in the way, I just didn’t have much time to stand over the stove, skimming foam and worrying that I’d have another batch of failed jam. I did, however, have some time to peel and slice some peaches and toss them in the Crockpot. Aha! PEACH BUTTER!

A quick search on my Google machine turned up about 100,000 very similar recipes/techniques for slow cooker peach butter. Slice the fruit, toss it in the Crockpot with some sugar, and cook the crap out of it. So, that’s what I did.

I loooooooove the result, and I hope my jam exchange partner does, too. It was thick and slightly gooey; dark, dark brown, and had a wonderful tang. At this point, I had run out of 1/2 pint jars, though, and only had 1/4 pint jars left, so I had to send my partner a little jar of peach butter, a jar of my overly-vanilla-y apricot jam, and a jar of the hopelessly seedy peach-raspberry jam. I told myself “Seeds=rustic!” and “Everyone loves vanilla!” and put the jars in the box to be shipped. Then, while standing in line at the post office, I dashed off the most embarrassing note in which I implied that the peach butter was going to give her botulism, and I misspelled the word occur. OMG. What is wrong with me. I hope she doesn’t read the note. Maybe it will get buried in the packing material.

(For the record, the peach butter won’t give anyone botulism. I promise.)

Well, I’m hoping that the jam exchange takes place next year, and in the meantime, I am going to study up on jam making. I will not let my hubris get the best of me when it comes to recipes. I will not write awkward notes while standing in line at the post office just before closing time. I will make sure I have an ample supply of 1/2 pint jars. *sigh*

Peach Butter (adapted from the 100,000 similar recipes I found all over the interwebs)

  • 15-17 peaches, peeled and chopped (I cut up enough to fill up my Crockpot–my Crockpot is on the small side)
  • 2 cups sugar
  • dash of cinnamon (maybe 1/4 teaspoon or less, but if you adore cinnamon, by all means go wild with it)

Mix all ingredients together in slow cooker, and cook overnight (6-8 hours) on low. Here’s where you have to sort of play it by ear. When I checked mine in the morning, I basically had peach soup. So I cranked the heat to high, cocked the lid so the mixture could cook down, and let it go for about 3 to 4 more hours, until the consistency seemed right. I think cooking time probably depends on the size of your slow cooker, and maybe the power of it, too.

When the consistency is peach buttery, can/process, and then send to your jam exchange partner, confident that it will make up for the pathetic-ness of the other jars of jam you sent her.




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13 09 2010

MMMMM seriously simple and delicious!!

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