Cake Balls!

3 07 2011




I know. You saw the title of this post and thought to yourself, “2008 called and it wants its dessert back.”


I am behind the times on this one, but I couldn’t think of a good reason to make cake balls until now. Come to think of it, I didn’t actually have a good reason to make them now. I just couldn’t bear the thought of falling farther and farther behind the cutting edge.

These weren’t exactly fun to whip up. Slightly tedious and fussy. And when I tried my first one, I thought it was terrible – too sweet, a sticky mashy mess. I set them aside overnight, and gave them a second chance with a cup of coffee the next morning. Wowza. I think the bitterness of the coffee helped temper the sweetness a little. I was positively hooked. That said, these are terrible for you, and you shouldn’t eat them more than once a year.

I don’t think I’d make these just for the heck of it ever again, but they would make a nice special occasion project. From start to finish, they only took about 2 hours, including baking/cooling time, which isn’t too bad. I used boxed everything to make  these (I know! Sacrilege!  If you’re a better person than I, go ahead and make your cake and icing from scratch.).

Cake Balls


1 box cake mix (I used white cake mix that I had lying around from a previous project that required a tablespoon of the dry mix. But I think you can experiment and use whatever flavor you want)

1 container icing (I used cream cheese, but again, use any type you want)

1 package candy coating (I used the Kroger brand, available in the baking aisle)

sprinkles, whatever type suits your fancy

Bake cake according to directions. I baked mine in two rectangular pans. But since you’re going to crush it to bits, it does not matter what type of pan you use. Let the cake cool a bit, then crumble it into a large bowl. You are striving for tiny crumbs here.

These crumbs are not tiny enough! Mash, smash, squish, crumble!

To the bowl of cake crumbs, add the frosting. Most directions I found for cake balls called for the ENTIRE TUB OF ICING. I think that’s gross. I used 1/2 tub. I used two forks to work the icing into the crumbs. You are trying to make a pasty mess that will easily form balls.

Roll the mess into many tiny balls. I think I was able to make 54  1-inch balls, but that was way too many. If/when I make these again, I will make fewer yet larger balls. You will probably need to rinse your hands after every 7 or 8 balls. I put the balls onto a baking sheet covered in waxed paper and popped it into the fridge to firm them up a bit. You don’t want squishy balls when you start working with the candy coating. After I’d used about 1/2 the mixture to make balls, I mixed in multicolored sprinkles to the remaining mash to give the rest of the cake balls that funfetti feel. There is nothing more fun than funfetti.

Cake ball army. That was the name of my first album.

Melt the candy coating according to package directions. Now comes the annoying fussy part. Dip each ball into the coating and place back on the baking sheet to harden. It took me a while to come up with a good technique here. I ended up using a spoon and a bamboo skewer. I speared each ball, dipped it into the melted coating, and then used the spoon to help coat it and remove it from the pot. I needed to work relatively quickly here because the candy coating hardened a little.

When the coating was still wet, I sprinked each ball with multicolored sprinkles. When I finished all of my cake balls, I popped them back into the fridge to fully harden the coating. Then I impressed everyone I knew with my cake ball prowess.




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3 07 2011


Do you know that blogging is the marketing tool of the future and the future is here! Just went to a photographers and blogging presentation with the photo editor of Outside and Men’s Mag. He showed about a dozen blogs that started out innocently as sharing information/their passion and then started offering product/services after building the network…bingo, bango, bongo and the money is coming in…even some of the big advertising money that would normally go to magazines is being given to some bloggers for the massive amount of followers on twitter / facebook / workpress or combination of above. You’ve got a toe in the water…food photographer? caterer? niche writer? you have so many talents!!

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