2 08 2011

I have an embarrassing fondness for marshmallows and anything marshmallowy. It really is embarrassing; I was once busted by a neighbor who made a surprise visit while I was in the middle of my own personal marshmallow/chocolate chip throwdown while watching Gilmore Girls. I had marshmallow smeared on my arms. The experience, needless to stay, stopped my marshmallow binges for a while.

But I’ve since moved to a place with less friendly neighbors, so I figured I could pick up the habit in my new cave of secrecy. And one recent summer’s day, I really wanted to make something in the kitchen, but it was too hot to turn on the oven. MARSHMALLOWS! Perfect! They don’t require any oven time.

I followed this recipe (and by the way, if you haven’t checked out Tasty Kitchen, I recommend it. Lots of great recipes.), and it was easy. Too easy, maybe, because a couple days later after I stuffed the last vanilla marshmallow into my mouth, I made another batch, this time lemon-vanilla (I substituted freshly squeezed lemon juice for 1/2 the water the recipe calls for. It worked perfectly.).

Isn't hard to believe that THIS...

...turns into THIS?!

I don’t really have any changes or adaptations to make to the actual recipe. I was a little lazy about the instructions, though, when it came to cutting the marshmallows and letting them dry out. I just cut the whole pan of marshmallows into squares, rolled each square in the powdered sugar/cornstarch mixture and then set them out to dry a bit. Except that half of them were gone by the time the 24 hours of drying out time was done. What can I say, moist squishy marshmallows are equally delicious as dry squishy ones.

Lemon-vanilla marshmallows

I am currently thinking of some other flavor combinations–rose water, maybe? orange-vanilla? Limeade? Gin and tonic?




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