Bikes and sandwiches

Is there any more perfect biking food than a sandwich? So flexible! So full of everything you need to fuel you onward. Feeling like you have an anvil or two over your back wheel? Eat a sandwich! Eat a sandwich and then semper fi, soldier.

My bike and a sandwich. I’m so lucky.  



4 responses

26 06 2009
RJ Hurst

I detect a bit of sandwich fervor here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

27 06 2009
Uncle D

a french batard cut thin with veginese (soy mayo) spinach, tomato, spicy turkey breast, avocado and thin slices of jalapeno. I’ll call it the “uncle D”

27 06 2009

You’re killing me over here! Yuuuummmmm! Except for the veginese. I’m a mustard girl, myself. 🙂 I’m going to make that sandwich for an apres-ride meal next week. Aaahhhhh!

10 01 2010

I remember when we used to be able to ride, because there was no snow.

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